It's all in your World Cup

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Day the thirteenth

Portugal - Mexico 2-1 & Iran - Angola 1-1

Didn't really care about either of these fixtures. Might possible get my 'most tedious group' award. I liked Maniche's goal though.

Argentina - Holland 0-0 & Ivory Coast - Serbia & Montenegro 3-2

With nothing to play for, neither side was ever going to tear into this game with the classic-baiting vigour you'd expect from a knock-out stages contest. All in all, nice touches, and Argentina looked comfortably the better side, even with their reserve team out.

I was glad the Ivory Coast got the win, but fell asleep before the goals came on. Will update this when I get broadband back and can watch the highlights. There, you don't get that kind of naked honesty from the tradtional media, do you?


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