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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Day the fifth

South Korea - Togo 2-1

Second unseen game of the tournament. Three excellent finishes, and a continuation of my reflex dislike of the South Koreans after their suspicious success at the last World Cup.

France - Switzerland 0-0

Absolutely dire. The first unremittingly disappointing game of the tournament. France look if anything even more wheezing and toothless than they did two years ago. Zidane must surely be regretting his decision to come out of retirement only to see the French team exhibit all the same deficiencies of team selection and direction as they did during Euro 2004. I can't really be bothered to reheat old debates about Henry's form when playing for France... you're right, he does look shit when he plays for them, possibly because this team isn't built around him and because the strutting geriatrics in the French midfield find it impossible to keep pace with him and offer support in the penalty area. If only the Swiss had put in one of their three excellent chances. Fuckers.

Brazil - Croatia 1-0

A disappointing performance. Brazil need to lose one of Ronaldo or Adriano and put Juninho in the midfield. This would release Kaka to play higher up the field, enabling him to make runs for Ronaldinho, who is currently stuck look for a pass as Ronaldo stomps around refusing to work up a non-blubber related sweat. Ze Roberto is a wasted player too, and has been an inexplicable presence in the Brazil team for some years, neither providing much attacking threat, or defensive cover. I hope they'll improve, as Ronaldinho certainly deserved better than the support he got in this game.


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